Diane and Chefs of Laguna Beach-520

Absolutely appalled at what Trip Advisor just released for “Top 10 Laguna Beach Restaurants” – granted, I know this is an amalgamation of diner’s reviews but REALLY people? I thought Trip Advisor was much more sophisticated than Yelp. The Crystal Cove Shake Shake is NOT a Top #10 restaurant here, folks, and it’s not EVEN IN LAGUNA BEACH!

The Montage Lobby (which we all love, don’t get me wrong) is NOT a restaurant, let alone the #1 restaurant in Laguna. FYI: The Lobby’s 16-page menu doesn’t even list “mixed nuts.”

Broadway by Amar Santana is ranked way down under Wahoo’s Fish Tacos (really?), Banzai Bowl AND the Crystal Cove Shake Shack, for good glory’s sake.

And where’s 370 Common or Maro Wood Grill or Nirvana Grille ANYWHERE? And Starfish Laguna is ranked 30th? Are you kidding me?

I don’t know where to bawl laughter or just bawl. People – if you’re enjoying the GREAT culinary of our actual CHEFS in this town, please get on Trip Advisor and let’s set this thing right.

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