This year, is offering up a number of fantastic holiday gift finds for every person on your shopping list. Click here to see my entire list of Holiday Gifts from Laguna Beach.

[singlepic id=560 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]Today, I’m covering Holiday Gift Idea #11, for backyard and garden enthusiasts – Giant Melodic Windchimes at Madison’s Square.

Forget those chimes that make that dinky, tinkling noise. These 2-foot and 3-foot chimes put out a deep, melodic hum that somehow feels like a Buddhist monastery … that’s really all I can think to compare it to.

They are absolutely riveting and most definitely something you’ll have to hear for yourself. I wouldn’t recommend these lovely chimes for folks who live in condos or in close wall-touching proximity to one’s neighbors – these chimes need room to fill the air with their resonance.

Madison’s Square & Garden Cafe sits in North Laguna Beach at 320 North Coast Highway,  just past the Cottage restaurant on PCH heading north (and kitty-corner from Las Brisas). This is a fantastic garden store to roam at leisure, so enjoy one of Jon Madison’s coffees or teas while you browse.


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