This year, is offering up a number of fantastic holiday gift finds for every person on your shopping list. Today, I’m covering Holiday Gift Idea #2.

To see a growing master list of all the holiday gift ideas I’ll be tossing your way, click: Master – Holiday Gifts Laguna Beach. And, if you come across a great gift idea, be sure to email me (and quickly! The holiday shoppers are on me like white on rice) at

Because we have such a limited time to scoop up these amazing gifts of art, my next few gift ideas are coming to you compliments of the Winter Fantasy Festival at the Sawdust Grounds – just three weekends remain!

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Holiday Gift Idea #2 – For your Wine Connoisseur: Renowned Glass Blowing Artist John Barber’s Wine Glasses

Exquisite to the last detail, John Barber’s hand-blown wine glasses are must-have collector’s pieces. Sadly, I took these photos of John’s colorful glass creations on a cloudy day, and you just can’t see the incredible color he weaves into each of his hand-blown wine glasses. (Click on either of these pictures for a larger view.)

Each Barber glass is a masterpiece all its own and, despite their fragile look, they’re made for enduring, sturdy use. I purchased two wine glasses for my best friend in Denver a few years ago – she uses them regularly and has never had an issue with chipping or breakage.

[singlepic id=524 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]A longtime Laguna Beach resident with an open-to-public studio in Laguna Canyon, John Barber also offers a number of other types of glassware. As an example, he creates lovely high ball glass sets, one of which I happily own, compliments of my best friend here in Laguna Beach. She was the first to introduce me to John Barber’s work, and I’ve been an avid, buying fan ever since.

Our famous Laguna Beach artist’s Sawdust Festival in the summer becomes even more festive when the grounds open again for just 4 weekends at the beginning of the holiday season. The Winter Fantasy Festival is such a great way to buy one-of-a-kind, reasonably priced gifts – you’re just not going to find these pieces anywhere else.

Click here for dates, times, directions and tickets for the Winter Sawdust Festival, Laguna Beach, 2011.

Click to purchase tickets for the Winter Fantasy in Laguna Beach.



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