[singlepic id=535 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]Whether you’re looking for unique gifts from Laguna Beach for all those nieces and cousins, or just need a couple great stocking stuffers to round out your gift giving, Owner Nini Dake has the answer at her fabulous women’s shoe store, Tootsie’s – lots and lots of fashion SCARVES. She brings these in by the boatload and they sell faster than she can keep them, given they’re priced at $18 per, or $30 for two.

The selection in her fashion scarves changes up weekly, but I’ve never bought a scarf here that disappointed (and I’ve kept a few for myself, too!).

Tootsie’s Shoe Store in Laguna Beach is in the HIP District in Laguna Beach at 1200 South Coast Highway. It’s part of the old Pottery Place on PCH between Cress Street and Brooks Street While you’re there, I’ll bet you’ll find it difficult to resist her wonderfully priced shoes and boots … but I’ll let you discover that side of Tootsie’s for yourself!

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