Today, the second day of Laguna Beach hosting “The Vic” – the Victoria Skimboards Annual World Championship in skimboarding – has been a day of continued surprises.

In yesterday afternoon’s Pro Men heats, last year’s Vic Champ, Morgan Just, was tossed out of the running, much to the surprise of groms and pros alike. This morning, it was another surprise when longstanding favorites Bill Beakdog Bryan and Brandon Sears joined the sidelines with Just. Lords of the ring for a long time, these three top contenders simply shrug and cheer on their peers – it’s simply the ebb and flow of skim competition.

Heading into the Final Pro Heat this afternoon, it’s Blair Conklin, who’s ranked first in each of his heats, and Sam Stinnett, scoring the first “perfect 10” at The Vic 2011 event on Saturday. With Jake Stinnett in the Final heat as well, it might be the first time that two Stinnett brothers have competed against each other for the crown. And, rounding the top four for the Final is ever-quiet and understated Teddy “Lion King” Vlasis, who deserves every vote he gets. Teddy isn’t a lot of flash, but he’s got serious sass; his technical skill is outstanding.

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After the awards ceremony on the beach later this afternoon, it’s the Annual Vic party beginning at 6:00 at the happening bar for locals and visitors alike, The Blue Laguna. This party is always a heady mix of pro skimboarders, amateurs, friends and family and plenty of room for anyone else who cares to join. The Bryan brothers are debuting yet another slick skim film with showings at 9:00 ad 11:00.

Tomorrow night, the SkimChicks host their own party in honor of pro and amateur women competing in skim (their 2nd annual event!). They’ve hoisted a sizable gallery of “live body art” photos of their own skimboarding chicks at the Case del Camino (home of K’ya and The Rooftop.). The “Photographe Skimtastique” works its way up the walls of the Camino hotel to the Rooftop where the party begins. Per their website, “Artist (and top skimboarder!) Lanakila Kelliher and Photographer Monique Feil have combined their skills to bring you stunning images of these athletes. Photographe Skimtastique has also embodied the photography of Shauna Marincik and the Oil Paintings of Sheila Jacobs to enrich this environment.”

While the gallery will be in place through the end of this month (plenty of time to get in and see these photos), the Skimchicks party/reception will be just Monday night from 5 – 9 p.m.

OK, that’s my catch-up. I gotta hoof it back to the event to catch the finals. Photos to follow!


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