It’s already rolled around again. The Laguna Beach based, highly anticipated Victoria Skimboards WCS (World Championships in Skimboarding) takes place today and Sunday (July 7th & 8th) at Aliso Creek Beach. At 7:30 a.m. now, the beach is already thrumming with activity as initial riders check in for the first heats and someone keeps testing the sound system.

The Grandpappy event of them all, Vic Skim’s WCS pulls in over 100 top amateur and professional riders, and is indisputably the highest in crowd attendance in the year’s United Skim Tour. Six heats alone will feature the pros, which doesn’t include the 6 individual pros seeded forward, thanks to their top-ranked current and end-of-year standings.

Sam Stinnett has begun his 2012 season just as he ended his 2011 season, barreling to #1 ranking in the UST after taking 1st place in the season’s first event in Cabo on May 24. Blair Conklin won the season’s first East Coast event, Southside, and holds #2 ranking overall in the UST, which is just where he finished last year, too. Perennial favorites Brad Domke, Teddy Vlasis and Morgan Just round the top 5 international spots.

The Vic Skim WCS rolls to about 4:00 p.m. today, then starts again tomorrow for semi-final and finals action again at about 8:00. See you on the beach!


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