We have a hot weekend rolling your way in Laguna Beach!

In addition to the Pageant of the Masters and all 3 art festivals raging, we have “The Vic” World Skimboarding Championship starting up bright and early Saturday morning for a 2-day run. And if that’s not enough to keep you busy, here’s what I’m recommending this weekend, July 15th – 17th.  Click any story to read more:

Friday, July 15th

Gary & The Comb-Overs at Cafe Zinc for world-class live jazz.

Laguna Beach’s Full Moon Drum Circle at Aliso Beach

World Anthem playing live Reggae, soul and rock at the Sandpiper Lounge, Laguna Beach

Saturday, July 16th

“The Vic,” the world’s largest and longest-running skimboarding contest with more than 100 pros and hundreds of amateurs vying for that memorable ride at Aliso Beach

Laguna Culinary Arts Saturday Wine Tasting8 wines for $5!

World Anthem playing live Reggae, soul and rock at the White House Restaurant, Laguna Beach

Sunday, July 17th

“The Vic,” – You think these masters of skim are done yet? Heck, no. On Sunday, the real showcasing comes out. Lather on a fresh layer of sunscreen and head back down for a final day of world-class skimboarding.

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