White House Rumors Contest

A few weeks ago, the White House Laguna Beach closed its dining room and kitchen for remodeling. Only the bar remains open. And, ever since that activity, our Laguna rumor mill is running rampant. And I mean rampant.

I’ve been talking and texting with Demetri, the latest in a long line of family owners at our beloved and oldest restaurant in Laguna Beach. He says that, apart from truly appreciating the hundreds of people calling and stopping in, he’s flabbergasted with the reality TV show this has become. (Hey! We love our long-term peeps, what can we say?)

We decided it would be a hoot to start a contest on “Best Guess Rumors on What’s Next for White House Laguna Beach.” Just complete this form and, when Demetri actually tells me his news, we will go through all the entries to select the “closest guess.” If you’re that person, you win a $50 gift card from me.

Let the games begin!

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