When Bear Flag Co’s Wild Taco restaurant opened six weeks ago in the old Johnny Rocket’s location in Laguna Beach, they chose to start with lunch and dinner items. Weekend breakfast, however, is a very big deal for Newport Beach fans at the original Wild Taco, so Operations Manager Joe Klooster says it’s time to start incorporating the morning goodness here in Laguna.

“We’re starting training this Saturday (Feb. 29th) and plan to roll out all six burritos beginning Saturday, March 14th. At that time, hours will change to 10:00 a.m.
The breakfast menu will just be served on Saturdays and Sundays.

Still noting that at least 80% of the new restaurant’s incoming traffic is that of locals, Klooster says that the breakfast addition is primarily geared toward locals who are up early on weekends and still in possession of the town before the crowds begin to arrive.

“We are not just that summertime spot,” says Klooster. “We came here for the locals, and that’s the audience we aim to serve for years to come.”


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