Wine Gallery has another pop up Tasting Tuesday happening on Feb 25th, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

These are awesome fun. It’s a mini-workshop … maybe more like a science lab … with a variety of wines and proffered pairings with the regular Wine Gallery menu.

This coming Tuesday, Wine Gallery is featuring their favorite French wine importers, Rosenthal Imports. Wine expert Joanie Keraprtian will be walking guests through six optional pours that include:

2017 Thevent Macon Pierreclos Blanc
2016 Cheveau Saint Amour Cru de Beaujolais
2016 Pecheur Cotes de  Jura Rouge Poulsard
2017 Bastide du Claux “Malacare” Luberon Rouge
2016 La Rame Bordeaux Rouge
2016 Le Puy “Emillien” Bordeaux
Rosenthal claims they were “wooed” to French wines, partly due to strict rules that govern the production of wine in France. As they’ve noted: “The rules recognize the forces of nature, the dynamic between soil and climate, that determine the best place to grow the grape and which grape belongs where. This discipline, the marvelous logic that underpins the system, is necessary to deal with the pain, the hard work, the capriciousness of daily life and still produce wine of compelling character. It is a truism that great wine comes from places where the vine must suffer. After all, wine offers a mirror to our battle to survive and prosper: we both are better when we fight through the hard times and suffer a bit; we’re both stronger, more complex, more interesting.”
Now, how can you NOT go to this tasting after THAT? The Tasting is just $28 per person for SIX 3-ounce pours.
Reserve your Wine Gallery spot anytime from 5:30 – 8:30 pm. here: Tasting Tuesday
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