In May this year, the Pros’ United Skim Tour began 2018’s seasonal run for the crown at a full-on gallop. The Tour hits both coasts, with Cabo San Lucas and Santa Cruz early in the season, followed by East Coast Outer Banks (NC) and Dewey Beach, Delaware continuing to rack up points for frontrunners.

Nothing, however is bigger than “The Vic” Skim Contest, the granddaddy event of them all. And it all happens again this year on the weekend of Aug. 18-19th at Aliso Creek Beach.

Year to year, the worldwide leaderboard tends to belong to South Laguna (SoLag) guys who began skimming as mere groms. Given that skimboarding was actually and officially launched many decades ago in South Laguna Beach, it’s no surprise that Laguna’s own continue to dominate the worldwide scene.

Heading into the oldest skim contest in the world, returning champion (and SoLag homeboy) Blair Conklin is the clear frontrunner. Brazilian Lucas Fink has elbowed his way to 2nd place standings, followed by yet another classic repeat winner, SoLag’s Sam Stinnett. Fourth place belongs to Outer Banks resident Perry Pruitt, while 5th place belongs to yet another SoLag resident, Tim Fulton (I love his carves the best.)

For 32 years, the hallowed Vic always occurred in June at Aliso Beach (where skimboarding was founded) except in extreme, rare situations when the entire party was forced to move south to neighboring beaches. A few years ago, though, The Vic’s event’s founder, Tex Haines, moved the giant fest to late August to take advantage of the more usual and expected larger swells in late summer.

It’s a giant weekend fest with more than 100 professional men and women skimboarders participating from all points of the world, and about 200 amateurs (groms) journeying their way through the ranks. Many skim and surf related vendors dot the sand, and there are plenty of food and drink options for all. Heats begin at about 8:00 a.m. each morning, and the days stretch long into the afternoon before a winner is crowned on Sunday afternoon.

Whatever the vibe on the beach, we’re all hoping for extremely agro conditions for our pro boarders. And no matter what the weather, you can be assured of an epic event.



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