It’s true: Not many people think the pristine coastline town of Laguna Beach would offer something as “mainstream” as tacos for a mere $1.50 a piece. But, leave it to Laguna Beach – and the White House Restaurant in particular – to make THIS taco spread on Tuesday nights a 5-star gourmet affair.

Granted, there are other Taco Tuesday events in Laguna Beach, and not one of them is a shanky affair. But it’s the White House Restaurant – the only restaurant featuring a Taco Tuesday that doesn’t offer a single dish of Mexican food on its regular menu – that leaves the other events looking on with Sombrero in hand.

Eat your fill – just $1.50 a piece – from about 4:30 to about 9 p.m. each Tuesday evening. (The food is never cleared at a set time; it’s cleared when the kitchen runs out of its day’s fresh menu supply.) And, enjoy half price beer, wine and cocktails throughout.

Blame it on Tony Sanchez, the White House’s resident kitchen genius and co-manager of 23 years. Originally known by locals in the 80s for his South-of-the-border flair at Poor Richard’s Kitchen, Sanchez’ loyal diners followed him to the White House and continued to insist on his off-menu Mexican food creations. It was this diehard group of fans that first suggested a “Taco Tuesday.”

We’re guessing Sanchez didn’t bother with a review of what his competition was doing. Instead, he began offering four fillers – fish, carnitas, ground beef and al pastor (pulled pork with spices and pineapple). You have your option of hard shell taco, corn or flour tortilla. Then, it’s a rich spread of cheeses, fire-roasted chiles (still on the stem) and freshly made salsas to pick and choose from.

Each of the salsas is a hand-spun family recipe, including Tony’s Super Secret Recipe guacamole sauce that features avocado in a more unusual mix of tomatillos, green peppers and … well, we can’t tell you the rest. It’s a creamy blend you simply have to try for yourself.

It’s Tony’s own lovely daughter, Alejandra, who patiently explains the various salsa offerings to dozens of customers each Tuesday night. She has, in fact, become the Taco Tuesday Icon as it’s always her friendly face and perky banter that invites local and visitor alike into the taco bar lineup.

Insider Tips:

Ask the bartender, Jason, for his specialty margarita … and don’t try to tell him how to make it. Nothing you can come up with will top this – that’s a guarantee.

The White House offers live music from the area’s most popular bands and/or live DJs every night of the week. Check the site at for Reggae, Club, and Rock n’ Roll preferences.

How to Find Laguna Beach’s White House Restuarant

From Laguna’s Main Beach (the first big beach at Broadway and PCH), the White House is right there on PCH, just past Forest Avenue on the inland side of PCH. Find – and feed – a parking meter anywhere in the vicinity.

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