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Just a reminder – the famous Laguna Art Museum’s Plein Air Invitational hosts its most popular day of the event tomorrow (Oct 16) at Heisler Park.

These 50 artists – considered the very best in the plein air (outdoor painting) world – will be wrapping their weeklong painting in and around Laguna Beach with a QuickDraw event just to the north of Main Beach. Beginning at 9 a.m., they have just 2 hours to complete a painting. These paintings will be featured – along with each artist’s selection of 2 other favorites – at the Museum’s Soiree a mere 7 hours later.

To purchase the painting selections from any of these renowned artists, you can either purchase a ticket into the soiree  Saturday evening, or show up on Sunday for a “public showing” of all these newly created works of art! To see more details about the Plein Air, see my earlier blog entry here: Plein Air Off and Running

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