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Hobi, the Great Dane, is all about BIG love …

Laguna Beach, Main Beach, Sunday, Jan. 16th

Hobi, a Harlequin Great Dane, adores the good life. He began his life in Napa Valley, moved to Corona Del Mar as a pup (where he still resides), and loves leisurely strolls with his people in Laguna Beach on a regular basis. Still a pup in dog years, he’s reached his full, lumbering growth height-wise, but thinks he could use a few pounds on his lean frame – he claims he’s working on that next.

His people landed in Corona Del Mar after meeting on the East Coast in New York. Long before Hobi, when these folks first started dating, the woman would lapse into her native Maltese when she wasn’t quite ready to admit her feelings in discernable English. It took her devoted boyfriend (now her husband) more than a little while to finally figure out that “en hobbok” meant “I love you.”

When their Great Dane pup came along, it seemed only natural to name him “hobi” as this guy is really all about love.

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