South Laguna Community Garden

I’ve written many a time about the Community Garden that brought an entire Laguna community together. What a fantastic venu of old-time neighborliness and new friendships this South Laguna Community Garden has produced.

I’ve already posted about the upcoming Spring Fling Festival at the Garden this coming Sunday, April 28, 2-5 p.m. (You’ll see a great video there, too, about efforts currently underway to save this beautiful little parcel of land.) This is quite a fun event and offers such great support to enjoying and saving this garden. 

The folks in charge of the Annual Spring Fling just sent out a note to all our bakers out there … we need to make this the largest Bake Sale anywhere, and it’s time we get bakers involved from every part of Laguna Beach! For this Sunday’s event, the Spring Fling folks are looking for all types of baked goods: cupcakes, cookies, brownies, banana bread, cakes, etc.  

In the name of saving this beautiful Garden, pull out that favorite dessert recipe of yours!

This is a perfect opportunity to showcase your baking skills and help the South Laguna Garden! If you are able to help, please contact Bake Sale Organizing Queen Ann Henry at (949) 235-5471 to let her know what you will be bringing. 

Not a baker? Other ways you can help the Little Garden That Could:

Well, for starters, you can show up at the Spring Fling and buy one of the Bake Sale items! Of course, any effort on your end is extremely helpful … imagine if each resident of Laguna just donated just $20 through the Garden’s online donation form here:  Save the Community Garden 

You can also write a check to the CVOC/SL Garden Park and mail it. Instructions are here:





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