Hotel Laguna operators, Laguna Creative Ventures, has launched what it calls a “first stage” Beach Club, open Wednesday through Sunday and holidays (weather permitting) with limited beach service.

Anytime between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., you can walk down or park in the Hotel Laguna’s lot for $20 all-day parking. Amble down to the Hotel’s beachfront and you’ll find a beach attendant there who will rent you two chairs for $30 and/or a beach umbrella for $15.

At this time, there is no restroom facility or access inside the hotel itself, but pre-packaged foods and sodas from Kitchen in the Canyon are available for purchase at the Beach Club. There’s no specific menu, so offerings currently range from a couple options in salads and sandwiches.

An “In-Between Solution”

“We’re clearly at an in-between stage with the Hotel Laguna,” said Laguna Creative Ventures Community Development Liaison Karyn Philippsen. “We want to be respectful of the traditions of this grand lady, though, one of which was the long-running Beach Club right on the sand. As the weather is changing, we thought it was a nice opportunity to invite the public to experience the summery sand from our unique Beach Club vantage point,” Philippsen noted.

When in operation, the popular Hotel Laguna Beach Club (pictured here in August 2016), offered a primarily members-only access to umbrellas, beach chairs and designated wait staff delivering food and beverage right to your chair. Photo credit: Mike Altishin, Aug 2016

“The beach in front of Hotel Laguna is always available to the public, but our longtime goal is to be able to again offer Beach Club membership services, too, in the future,” she said.

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