The other day, I was up at Cafe Vienna for a quick coffee and ran into a local who’d just had a nasty car accident the day prior. I thought, “She needs Lucy,” followed by a second thought, “I need Lucy too!”

Lucy Wojskowicz is one fabulous massage therapist and the owner of Laguna Canyon Spa. As something of an athlete all these years, I’m a believer in very regular massages and, while I’ve had some very great massage therapists over the years, I’d say Lucy tops them all. Actually, I’d say that without a doubt; she’s insanely good at what she does. (That’s a big totem pole to climb in my book.)

[singlepic id=340 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]I didn’t even know Laguna Canyon Spa existed until I received a Groupon notification a few months ago. Thinking it was a new place, I thought I’d check it out for my faithful readers. As it turns out, the Laguna Canyon Spa has been tucked in close to the dog park in Laguna Canyon since 2004!

A native of Connecticut, Lucy found her way to San Diego first in 1992, worked her way up to Aliso Viejo, and then jumped on the opportunity to transform the old Laguna Beach Soup Kitchen into a place of her own, a multi-room spa. She initially had plans for just one small section, but kept expanding out and out until her “little remodel project” turned into a rather sizable and luxurious entity.

Laguna Canyon Spa offers a number of different massages (sports, aromatherapy, Swedish, deep tissue, hot rocks, etc.). After trying massages with a few of her therapists there, I think Lucy has done a great job at  “recruiting” the best talent in the industry to this quiet little corner in Laguna Canyon.

In addition to massage therapists, yoga instructors and facialists, the Spa also offers a fantastic pilates room for private and small group sessions. Once again, Lucy tapped extraordinary talent in the pilates instructor she brought on board, P.J. Mann, who goes well beyond pilates into a whole new realm of body alignment and breathing (but P.J. gets her own article here soon).

The Spa also offers workshops and classes in holistic health, nutrition, and conscious living. (These days, we should ALL be crowding into those classes.) And, they have a nifty gift store with very unique items – I’d highly suggest you start by “gifting” yourself.

Right now, the Laguna Canyon Spa is offering a special “Friday Escape” package with discounted treatments up to 50% off. Check out their site: or call them at 949-715-0210.

How to find the Laguna Canyon Spa: When I first tried to find the place, I drove right past it – you’ve got to look for the moped rental and sales entity right on the corner of Stan Oaks just after the Laguna Canyon Nursery, and turn there (to your right if you’re traveling from Laguna Beach in the direction of El Toro and the toll road).

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