Feeling burned out in your current workout or finding it difficult to even lace up those tennis shoes? Burt Myers’ Boot Camp offers the kick in the pants your lackluster derriere needs.

Burt is a favorite personal trainer at Laguna’s Art of Fitness and offers the Boot Camp to people of all ages and fitness levels. On Saturday mornings, everyone meets at the Laguna Beach high school track; on Sunday mornings, they meet at the Art of Fitness gym. Residents and visitors are welcome. To learn more and sign up, call Burt directly at (949) 357-4025 or the Art of Fitness at (949) 464-0202.

Because Burt’s Boot Camp offers an indoor/outdoor experience in none other than Laguna Beach, and because so many different personalities participate in each Camp, his regulars find it an entertaining and fun way to ramp up their fitness levels. “And, you can’t beat the price,” quips longtime attendee Anita Jameson. “An hour of personal training can be expensive, but Boot Camp gives you the same personal trainer at a really reasonable cost.”

Unlike the pressure you might feel trying to keep up in a class of spinners or pilates participants, Burt has a great ability to tailor your boot camp experience specifically to you. But . . . don’t think this means he’s going easy on you. Perish the thought.

Burt’s Boot Camp is a rigorous, hour-long event that might incorporate any number of activities – running, calisthenics, weight lifting, balls, ropes, punching bags and more.

“The key to getting in shape fast has to do with mixing it up,” say Burt. “We keep it lively and always moving – you never know what’s coming next at Boot Camp.”

Insider Facts:

A personal trainer and coach for more than 20 years, Burt Myers is renowned in the country for his tenure as a long-time track coach at Dorsey High School, where he turned out more professional and Olympian athletes than Martha Stewart did cupcakes. A personal coach and consultant to a number of pro athletes in the south Orange County area, it wasn’t long before Burt made a permanent move to the Laguna Beach area a few years ago.

How to Find Burt’s Boot Camp:

It’s best to sign up first, and then meet the gang at the established location. To find Art of Fitness: From Laguna’s Main Beach (the first big beach at Broadway and PCH), continue south on PCH about 7/8 of a mile to Oak Street. Make a left turn there, go a block to Glenneyre Street and turn right. You’ll find the Art of Fitness parking lot about a half block up on your right.

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