So, rumor has it the Brooks Street Surf Classic is on tomorrow AM (Saturday). This is a very big deal!

Each year, for 50 years now, the surfers of Laguna Beach send out secret decoder ring anagrams and smoke signals to fellow amateur and pro surfers when the swell is most admirable. They wait for the opportune time, the opportune swell . . . and they might wait for years without sending out the Batman signal.

Not so for tomorrow. Seems word is circulating that the event is ON, starting at about 8:30 a.m. We have a hurricane moving its way up the Coast, and now is the time to strike.

This is an incredible event. Surfers of all ages show up, and we usually see a number of pro surfers on quick sabbatical from the U.S. Surfing Classic up in Huntington Beach, too. Grab your joe (that’s “coffee” to you non-SouthernCalis) and hoof it down to Brooks Street – there’s a small built-in viewing area and hundreds of fans there. Can’t miss it.

Now that I think of it, it’s a great viewing for the Dana Outrigger Club’s classic Whitey Harrison Outrigger Race. See details on this outrigger race!

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