Earlier this week, I announced the sad news that Chef Marc Cohen had decided to permanently close his popular Watermarc restaurant.

While rumors circulate about other possible “permanent” closures, not one restaurateur has made any mention or announcement. In fact, rather than focusing on that possible negativity, our Laguna restaurateurs and chefs are just getting more creative with their humor burbling to the surface.

A Pop-up Store of Excess Bar Stock

For starters, beginning Wednesday, May 6th, the same Chef Cohen is selling extra wine, beer, glassware and copper mugs from the closed Watermarc edifice. If you made the mistake of putting your copper mugs in a dishwasher (ahem, me), or want your Watermarc souvenir, now’s your time.

Please note, even though he’s moving the stock to his Forest Avenue restaurant, this is not in any way an effort to clear out 230 Forest Avenue’s

Purchase wine, beer and glassware at 230 Forest’s pop-up market next week.

As noted, Cohen will host his “pop-up” store at the 230 Forest Avenue location from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., next Wednesday through Saturday. Even if you don’t want to buy new glassware or great wines, stop in to say ‘hello’ to our longest-standing chef in Laguna Beach.

Rasta Taco Introduces South of the Border Burger

Rasta Taco’s Owner Mario Melendez introduced a “south of the border” type of burger this week, and he can’t seem to keep the popular sandwich in stock. I tried it yesterday and completely understand why – this is a great burger.

Rasta Taco’s new “south of the border” burger.

Named the Torta-Burguesa, it’s a hearty slab of ground beef, guacamole, heavenly chipotle cream cheese, shredded lettuce, onions and tomato slices. It arrives on a torta roll with a mountain of steak fries on the side.

Order a perfect Rasta Sangria to wash it all down.

Pizza Bar Lounge Offers 2-For-1 Pizzas Seven Days a Week

Pizza Bar just to the north of Hotel Laguna, has enjoyed brisk sales of its “U Take U Bake Pizza Kits” with all the customizable ingredients you need to roll and bake your own pizza at home.

Last week, Pizza Bar also introduced a 2-for-1 pizza special that is particularly significant for two reasons.

First, it’s the only offer of its kind (that I know of) that’s available every day of the week. And, you can order entirely different toppings for each of the pizzas. Available from personal size to extra-large, they even cater to vegan-style pizzas and gluten-free crusts.

Royal Hawaiian Rolls Out its Best-Selling Tiki Cocktails

Just because our beaches have been closed does not mean you can’t enjoy a tropical tiki time in your own backyard.

Royal Hawaiian Fire Grill, the mothership of this town’s rum cocktails, is here to rescue you from any glum beach depression you may be feeling. This week, Chef Maro Molteni announced the return of their three infamous and signature cocktails to go: The Lapu Lapu, The Blue Hawaiian and The Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai. Original pours of these rather super-size drinks, they each come bundled with their own baggie of Hawaiian shaved ice.

My Updated Directory of All Restaurants Offering To-Go

The 11th version since I started compiling this directory 10 weeks ago, the Laguna Beach Restaurant Directory is updated weekly via my conversations with each of our restaurants still offering to-go. It’s accurate through this morning, May 1st! Just go to my website, TheBestofLagunaBeach.com to download it.

Please use this directory to order your favorite menu items online for curbside pickup or delivery. Let’s get out and support our Laguna Beach restaurants and keep this community of amazing restaurateurs and chefs alive.

P.S. Mozambique and Skyloft are back this week with all your favorites, too. See my article here …

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