OK, aside from the fact that we all fried to chili pepper crisps on Sunday’s final day of the Vic Skim World Championships, there was more than hot hot weather at this 34th annual “granddaddy” event. If you missed it, you should be crying in your chocolate milk for a week. This event was off the hook.

More than 30 Pro Men competed with one of my favorites – gotta admit – Mo Just in a surprise upset over Bill Beakdog Bryan.The 15-17 year-old division was off the charts with a super-packed, super-competitive buncha groms (groms, that is, gunning for pro status, which ain’t so gromley). Hats off to Blair Conklin and Dylan Hunter for emerging first and second, respectively, from that pack of wild dogs. We had our first ever Women’s Pro Division with 13 girls carving their way into history’s books. The event sported 9 age classes, over 130 competitors, live web cam and yours truly taking photos all the day long for the entirety.

I’ve waded through more than 1,100 photos and am editing down to the best of the best for print and jpeg purchases at my gallery, www.skimphotos.com – loading them up today and tomorrow. Attaching a  favorite of mine here – and another favorite boarder of mine, BTW, Austin Keen (if ONLY I’d gotten the entire board in. BUT, I like the photo anyway.) Many more photos to come – Sam Stinnett, Teddy Vlasis, Brandon Sears, Brad Domke, Nathan Zoller, Paulo Prietto, Paddy Mack, Matthieu Thibaud, Geo Bryan, James Lovett, Brandon Rothe, Scott Flores, Koty Lopez, Dave Armstrong, Harley Nelson, Huner Poller, Perry Wells, Tim Fulton, Jake Stinnett, Omar Meddab . . . along with photos from every age class and all women’s heats, too.  All will be at www.SkimPhotos.com – see you there.

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