As you know, in the middle of all this uproar Restaurateur Russ Bendel is working to get the revitalized Sapphire, Cellar. Craft. Cook in play for those days when all of our restaurants are granted opening reprieve. While he still putters in the main restaurant, his Pantry (formerly Sapphire Pantry) is open for business and is sneak peeking great options that will be on the menu next door.

New Alaskan Halibut on the Pantry at Sapphire menu

As of yesterday (Thursday at 4:00 p.m.), the Pantry is beginning to feature dinner items for pickup. Check out their 24-ounce Ribeye, their Alaskan Halibut (pictured here) and their Pork Schnitzel with Maitake Mushrooms for starters.

“It’s a great test starter for us,” said Bendel. “Our new dinner menu offers a number of items that will be offered at either location once the real world starts rolling again, so it’s a great way for Laguna Beach to get to know our style of cooking.”

Here’s the new Dinner menu:

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