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Dogs Who Brunch Series
Laguna Beach, Main Beach

Now that we’re in the official “dog days of summer,” we’re expanding the Dogs Who Brunch series to a couple times a week – the dog are active!

Meet Winston, a 3-year-old Australia terrier. Winston was discovered “in a big cage, all alone” at the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter by his people, longtime Laguna Beach residents. Although they have lived in Laguna Beach for 28 years, this couple had never owned a dog before Winston, and they’ve discovered “all kinds of surprising differences” betwixt dogs and the cats they used to house.

Winston’s breed was first formulated as a mix between three terrier breeds for the specific use of chasing rats and snakes in the opal mines. Now, a millennia after his breed was first introduced, Winston does his best to maintain the tradition by chasing (but never catching) bunnies. Winston loves brunching at many of the fine restaurants in Laguna Beach, but normally insists on a weekly visit to Anastasia’s restaurant (a dog friendly place) on Ocean.


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