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[singlepic id=4 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]When I decided to compile a free Directory of ALL the Happy Hours in Laguna Beach for you, little did I know that there were over 30 of these things going on … actually 35 Laguna Beach Happy Hours (and counting) at some of the most renowned restaurants in all of Orange County (well, all of California, for that matter).

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When you receive this 8-page  Happy Hour Directory for Laguna Beach, you’ll find that we’ve divided it according to sections of Laguna Beach. Even though Laguna Beach spans just 5 miles of some of the most beautiful coastline in North America, we’re making it easy to trot between places without getting back in the car to drive anywhere.

You’ll also find several added pieces from the LagunaBeachBest.com archives that give you info on who has the Best Margaritas, the Best Martinis, the Best Bartenders, and overall great ambience. (Of course, this is all from a longtime local’s point of view, but we’re betting you’re going to love what the locals love here in Laguna Beach.)

Get out there and try some new places, and be sure to report back to us here at LagunaBeachBest.com – we’ll be updating this Directory with fan favorites and more as we march through our year!

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