Hello my dear readers,

It’s a glorious day here in Laguna Beach this Memorial Day. Yesterday, it felt like December … today, back to the blue, cloudless skies and mid 70s weather we expect and love here in Laguna Beach. My beach below is packed (well, in comparison to its usual vacancy) and I managed to take a couple shots of a couple dudes sailing right over my front deck in their latest kiting contraptions. Ocean seems a little rough and cold for boaters today, but at least we have air and land covered today.

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My apologies for my lengthy absence, dear readers. I have missed you, too. My dear Dad (who lived in Columbine (Colo.) where I grew up) passed away at the first of May, and it’s been a rather wild and rabbly month since. (He hadn’t been fully healthy and hearty for a long time, so I’m quite sure that his new existence is much more to his liking.)

As my Dad was a Korean war vet, I thought it most appropriate to start the wheels rolling again on this beloved blog o’ mine on none other than the day that properly honors all our active military and vets. For my U.S. readers, I hope you’ve taken a few moments yourself to send a thank you to the millions of people who’ve ensured us a most amazing country to live.

Now, I’m off to my neighborhood BBQ but will be returning this week to fill you in on new finds and old favorites as Laguna moves into her busy tourist season. Be sure to pass this blog along to friends and family who might be visiting. If any of you have specific questions to activities or plans, by all means, drop me a line at Diane@Armitageinc.com

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