As we head into a busy and beautiful weekend here in Laguna Beach, I wanted to give you a heads up on two rare band performances, one of which starts in just a few hours!

Tonight (Friday, July 8th), Nick I and A.D.D. of Common Sense are back at the Mozambique Restaurant Bar for the 8:45 show. I know Nick was in the house last week but believe me, these are not common appearances. Now you have a second chance to see what is sadly becoming a rarer live event with Nick I, front and center. The dude knows how to rock.

It’s sure to be standing room only, so be sure to make tracks as soon as you can to Mozambique.

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Then, surely one of the longest-standing bands in Laguna Beach history – HONK – is performing in a very rare appearance at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on Saturday evening, July 9th. I know, I know, I’m only supposed to write about Laguna-based events but HONK is a phenomenal talent source in both musicianship and songwriting, and they’ve been at it since 1970. They hit it big initially with “Pipeline Sequence” in 1972, and toured with bands ranging from The Beach Boys to Loggins & Messina, Chicago, Jackson Browne and many others. And, I believe, in all those years they’ve had just one change in personnel.

While most of the HONK cast performs in solo events, or works with larger entities (i.e., drummer Tris Imboden has been Chicago’s drummer for 20 years, and Steve Wood was tapped several years ago to write and produce all the IMAX soundtracks), the band as a whole plays just once or twice a year in the immediate area.

Many, many Laguna residents will tell you that the $25 Coach House ticket is one of the soundest entertainment investments you’ll make all year, so grab an online ticket now at The Coach House’s web site before they’re all scarfed up.

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