Ahh . . . summer in Laguna Beach. Blue skies 75-degree weather and a scant number of tourists.

That’s right – in Laguna Beach, our summer is September and October. No more June Gloom muck (that can often linger through August), no more long lines everywhere, clean, sandy beaches that stretch for hundreds of yards with nary a soul on them, and traffic almost reaching a point of normalcy again.

No better time, then, to hit our favorite gelato shop, Gelato Paradiso, tucked away right smack in the center of town. A fairly recent newcomer to Laguna Beach, Gelato Paradiso arrived about 5 years ago, setting up its 4th store in a small chain that extends from Newport’s Fashion Island to Dana Point.

The quaint store carries 13 puckery sorbets and 18 rich and creamy gelato flavors. Of course you’re allowed to sample from the bounty, but keep in mind that the double chocolate and sweet crème and caramel gelatos outsell their peers.

Manned with an always cheerful and efficient staff – including Jessica, who drives several miles each day to greet you with a smile and a plastic cup filled to the brim with this heavenly concoction – you’ll find Gelato Paradiso a super-clean, super-tasty, gotta-have-it alternative to the American ice cream.

How to find Gelato Paradiso
From Laguna’s Main Beach (PCH and Broadway), proceed south on PCH just 3 blocks past Park Ave. About halfway up the block just past the Saloon, you’ll find a cobbled pathway of shops. You’ll find Gelato Paradiso on the end.

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