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In Laguna Beach, we locals look forward to about three events each year. In October, it’s all about the lobster … for the month’s duration, you’ll find us standing on street corners in South Laguna, anxiously awaiting the unfurling of the “Local Lobster” banner at Coyote Grill.

OK, well, maybe we’re not THAT anxious, but I’ve got to tell you – when the first local lobster dinner at Coyote Grill is served up, it’s a red-letter day for all of us here in Laguna Beach.

First, forget what you’ve been told about “puny” local lobster. Lobsters love our Laguna waters and they’re happily hefty in size.

Second, don’t go in expecting one of those boiled lobster dinners. These babies are done “Baja Grilled” style and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything along the entire coastal Baja region that tastes better than this Coyote Grill specialty.

Get in while the getting’s good. When the banner goes down (usually in December), it’s a long, sad wait for that month of October.

How to Find Coyote Grill:
South Laguna Beach is, well, south of Laguna’s Main Beach by about 4 miles. As you head South on PCH, you’ll pass the Montage Resort (with Albertson’s directly opposite) and Aliso Creek Beach before arriving in what we consider the southern confines of the city. Pass West Street and drive another block where you’ll see the Coyote Grill on your left, just past a small street, Table Rock Dr. (If you reach another favorite, Ti Amo’s Restaurant, you’ve gone too far). Valet parking is available, or there’s a new, small parking lot about a block farther south on your left. Street parking is also available – just be sure to feed those meters any day of the week.

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