South Laguna Beach’s favorite coffee house, Cafe Vienna, is closing its doors after its usual hours of business on Sunday, April 15th. Owner Ferdanand Lettner sold Cafe Vienna to another restaurant owner, whose plans are still not known. He’ll stay in the area, however, and will continue to own/operate the popular Sands Cafe at Aliso Beach.

The news came suddenly, with most of the dismayed regulars learning about the closure over the last two days. Ferdanand, who first made a name for himself as owner of the Heidleberg Inn, set up shop in South Laguna in 2002 to droves of fans who loved his Euro coffees, decadent pastries and unique breakfast/lunch menus. A couple years ago, Cafe Vienna opened for business in the evenings during the summer season, and did a surprisingly rousing business in a corner of Laguna’s real estate that normally catered to intimate, fine dining.

If you can’t imagine life without one of the Cafe’s monstrous cinnamon rolls or German sausage omelets, be sure to make your way to Cafe Vienna tomorrow as it’s going… going … gone.

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