After the Halloween party I attended last night, I’ll be the second person in Laguna Beach to holler, “Bring on Christmas, for criminy’s sake!”

I’m an admitted Christmas holiday freak. Apparently, though, I’m not the only one who thinks it can’t come soon enough … Paul Mosley, the well-loved proprietor of the Laguna Colony shop, has ALREADY turned his entire shop into a Christmas Wonderland. (“Heaven . . . I’m in heaven . . . “) I don’t care that it’s the 31st of October and everyone else is selling off their Halloween gear at 50% off. I just wanna buy everything in Paul’s store right NOW.

Paul’s shop, The Laguna Colony, sits on the second block of Forest Avenue next to the post office. It’s our local go-to shop for great gifts and home decor – you’ll find something for ANYONE on your list; I don’t care how difficult you think they are to shop for. The guy carries all the right stuff – he’s just got a knack. (In fact, he’s opening a second store in Newport’s Fashion Island in March . . . more about that later.) I’ve written about all of Laguna Colony’s trendy jewelry lines, fabulous candles, dishware and more in a previous blog entry here: Laguna Colony , but Paul earned my heart and undying loyalty when I discovered his holiday decor after first moving here.

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Now, as you can see from my photo gallery here, Paul has a LOT of Christmas decor going on. He, however, doesn’t buy vast quantities of these items, so if you’re in his store or are perusing these photos here in the blog and see something you like, I’d advise against even a moment’s hesitation. Last year, I dearly wanted these cool mini Christmas trees – I returned about two weeks later and they were all sold out. (And well before Thanksgiving, I’ll have you know.) It ruined me for days, sniff.

People who know Paul’s holiday decor don’t screw around – they beeline it for The Colony and make quick work of it. (Paul regularly ships his decor to all points of the globe, too. Just call him at (949) 497-8919.)

This year, the Laguna Colony shop is featuring Mark Roberts ornament collectibles; the best-selling line of Thymes candles – Frasier Fir; Sullivan Christmas greenery; tons of cool ornaments, outdoor decor and hostess gifts; boxed holiday cards galore; and (my personal favorites) the return of the HUGE red glass ornaments (I hang mine outside on my deck with heavy duty fishing line and they endure every kind of wild weather imaginable.)

You’ll find all sorts of reasonably priced decor at the Colony … Paul’s the last guy who would gouge folks in this kind of economy … but what you’re really going to find when you walk in his store is that immediate and recognizable ping of warmth and magic that only the holidays can bring.

The Laguna Colony Company is at 384 Forest Avenue, between the post office and the Lumberyard Restaurant.

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