Laguna Beach free shuttles

Laguna Beach in high summer can be an absolute cluster of traffic, pedestrian crossings and endless circling for parking spaces.

Heaven forbid we chase you away from the glorious town of Laguna Beach, so our little city came up with a great Free Shuttle Service a few years ago.

Every summer (for 2014, it’s the upcoming 4th of July holiday, and then June 29 to Sept. 2nd), we have a huge number of free shuttles in Laguna Beach trundling along the separate routes – North, South Aliso Creek, South Laguna (for those who have parked a bit farther out) and the Canyon for the major festival centers.

Download the Laguna Beach Free Shuttle Map here

So, we’ve got you covered from every boundary of the town, and you can easily transfer between the routes. Tourists and locals alike regularly pack on to these cable car look-alikes and, while the ride may not always be a fast breeze through town, at least you’re not driving (and stuck dead cold) in the snarl of it all.

Free shuttles in Laguna Beach have regular stops that reside at practically every block and are scheduled about every 20 minutes (high traffic times might see a bit of delay, but these shuttle drivers really have it going on). The shuttles run from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., so no worries about cutting your dinners short or running from the Pageant before its evening curtain call.

Take note:

The 4th of July holiday runs shuttles from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ONLY. Plan accordingly! More details on the 4th of July here … 

Animals must be secured in a pet carrier. No exceptions. 

  Download the Laguna Beach Free Shuttle Map here

Drive to a lot, take the shuttle from there.

Try to take advantage of the city’s primary parking lots and you can shuttle from there without worrying about your meter expiring (our meter maids and men take their jobs VERY seriously, trust me). 

Central downtown lots –

The Lumberyard lot (adjacent to City Hall on Forest), and the Mermaid Street Garage are available during weekends and evenings. One of the more popular lots for you early birds is at Glenneyre between Laguna Ave. and Legion St. Parking at smaller, private lots is also available in the downtown area.

South Laguna lot –

We’ve just completed a SMALL public lot at 3rd and PCH. In the meantime, the Mission Hospital has expanded parking options in its covered parking structure at 8th and PCH.

The Canyon

The city also offers an expansive “Act V” parking lot in the Canyon at 1900 Laguna Canyon Road (also known as Highway 133). From Main Beach, it’s 1.3 miles up the canyon, past the primary festival grounds.

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