This event somehow missed my radar on this week’s “Di’s 5 – What to do this Weekend in Laguna Beach” – and it’s important!

So, one of my most favorite people on the planet is a gentleman I met at one of our South Laguna beach coffee shops a few years ago – his name is Morrie Granger …

Morrie got it in his head a few years back to create a South Laguna Beach Community Garden on a vacant lot and, after pulling in a group of like-minded neighbors and proceeding through an inordinate amount of meetings with owners of the lot and Laguna Beach’s governing factions, Morrie got what he wanted in late summer, 2009.

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Now, as you drive on PCH and pass Eagle Rock Way (it’s directly across from the Coyote Grill Restaurant), you’ll see 31 large boxes of happy plants, each owned by a different South Laguna Beach resident and tilled by any number (hundreds) of neighbors who just like the feel of fresh earth in their hands. (There’s a waiting list a mile long for the boxes.)

Mind you, it was no small feat to put this Community Garden in place. There were many gracious donors to this little neighborhood project, including the South Coast Water District, Ruben Flores’ Laguna Nursery’s massive help, and many other businesses and individuals.

So, to celebrate its continued thriving existence, the South Laguna neighborhood is inviting anyone and everyone to a Garden Potluck this Sunday, Nov. 14 at 1:00 p.m. As nothing Morrie does is ever on a small scale, you can expect to see larger numbers than their last potluck turnout, which topped over 120 participants. (Hey, when we potluck in South Laguna Beach, we do it with passion.)

Whip up, bake or grab your favorite dish and head on down to a pre-Thanksgiving kind of party in South Laguna Beach – with our bountiful garden harvest as the backdrop, you’ll kinda feel like a pilgrim.

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