This morning as I was hanging at my favorite Laguna Coffee shop, I had the most interesting conversation with my buddy, Burt Myers, the famed personal trainer here in our Laguna beach midst.

Burt tells me he’s taking a short hiatus from his Boot Camps as it’s autumn now and that means one thing – LOTS of teen and college athletes out there on the field who are struggling to be stand-outs. Right around this time each year, Burt Myers will often have teens, parents or coaches contacting him, looking for that superior athletic edge for their football, soccer, rugby, water polo, lacrosse, golf or tennis player. And, while Burt has particular renown in the track & field and pro basketball and football worlds, he knows what it takes to make ANY athlete excel no matter what the field, court or pool.

(I mean, let’s face it, the guy’s been training and coaching for, ehrm, 30+ years . .. not sure he wants me to share THAT necessarily).

His training success stories are classic. So, if you’re one such frustrated athlete, parent or coach, you might want to give Burt a call, see what he’s got to say on the subject. His direct line is (949) 357-4025.

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