Exile Skimboards and Main Street Oktoberfest were finally granted their wish – an earlier date for the last of our West Coast Skimboard contests. Of course, we expected better weather than the late-October events we usually get and . . of course . . . it rained yesterday morning just to assure everyone that some THING else is in charge.

But the event went on – and the skimboading heated up in its usual righteous way.

The following boaders made it to the finals today – [singlepic id=52 w=320 h=240 float=] serious crowd favorites in the running (and many of whom are Laguna residers):

Bill Bryan
Blair Conklin
Jake Stinnett
James Lovett
Sam Stinnett
Omar Meddeb
Paulo Prietto
Brandon Sears
Tommy D
Teddy Vlasis
Tyler Stanaland
Brad Domke

Head down the 55 into the Balboa Peninsula and just keep driving past the numbered streets – when you hit the letters, turn right and park in the lot there. You’ll find the event easily enough from there.

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