Many of you have followed the 5-day progress of our visiting Tibetan Monks as they’ve created a beautiful “Compassion” sand mandala in Laguna Beach.

I’ve taken hundreds of photos over the last five days. They reside in three galleries at my photo gallery, – when you purchase prints from my gallery, I’ll be donating ALL of those proceeds to our Tibetan monks. They came to teach compassion and unity – let’s show them that we learned something. When you purchase, you choose the size of your prints and they are delivered directly to you via “regular” mail (like the old days) just a few days later. (Think upcoming holiday gifts, too!)

The three galleries for the Tibetan Monks are:

The monks learning to kayak

The monks creating the sand mandala

The finished sand mandala and the complete story (in photos and captions) of the Dissolution Ceremony as it began in the sanctuary and was completed at Thalia Beach in Laguna Beach.

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