Romantic Boutique halloween Laguna Beach

For 4 years now, the Romantic Boutique shop in South Laguna has always offered such a great splash of color, fun window displays and come-hither tease to us Laguna Beach residents. 

It’s a locals favorite for swimwear, masquerade balls and lingerie that’s designed,  created and tailored on the premises, but this little shop REALLY gets rocking when Halloween comes calling.

Owner Shereen Loth brings her own line of Halloween costumes in Laguna Beach to the table – Delicate Illusions – but she also brings in about 5 other lines of popular sellers to please every palate. It you want to make an impact in a unique Halloween costume – never mind what YOU think of your body or what you think it can wear – Shareen will have you looking like the belle of the ball in minutes. She’s got it all – the shoes, stockings, under garments, petticoats, bustiers, corsets, wigs, hats, masks, fuzzy costumes, slinky costumes, glittery costumes and every “grown up” version of every fairy tale heroine you can think of.

This is a crazy, busy time for Shereen. While she’s busy helping incoming streams of costumers with unique costumes, she’s also running up and down from her lower-level “manufacturing division” where she and her seamstresses nip, cut and sew new outfits and made-to-order custom costumes (say that phrase 10 times, whew).

And, in her spare time, she’s shipping her own line of freshly made costumes to hundreds of web sites around the country. And, of course, there’s always the LARGE custom order to fill – like last year’s 600 Michael Jackson costumes she was asked to make for boys between the ages of 4 and 10.

Shereen says she doesn’t sleep much. Actually, she hasn’t slept much since she first started in the world of fashion design at the age of 14. From first designing and manufacturing lingerie to then designing dancewear, exotic dancewear and holiday costumes, she’s been at it now for 23 years. Despite the rather depressing economy around us, her clients continue to seek her out … global wholesalers and retailers are always banging down her door … and the bell above the door just keeps jangling away with newcomers in search of something fun to wear ANY time of the year.

This Halloween, skip the Big Box stores with all the same ol’ costumes. (I mean, you want to be NOTICED at the Halloween bash, don’t you?) Head down to Laguna Beach’s own Romantic Boutique, 1857 S. Coast Highway (across from the Sweetwater Car wash), and let Shereen the Designer Queen handle every detail.

You’ll have hundreds and hundreds of options to choose from. Keep in mind, too, that she’s able to do custom costume creation until the Friday before Halloween. Get on down there for your own Halloween costume in Laguna Beach before that chariot of yours turns back into a pumpkin!

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