Old-timers claim that skimboarding actually started here in Laguna Beach.

Whether that’s true or not, we do know that the Orange County-based pros tend to perennially rock the standings internationally. And, for the most part, each season’s race to the top really starts here in Laguna Beach at Vic Skim’s venerable World Championship Skimboard Event at Aliso Creek Beach.

The event starts this Saturday, June 19th and runs through early afternoon. It picks up on Sunday, same time, for final heats.

Granted, these skimboard pros travel all over the world to compete against each other, but rarely do you see as crowded a field as you do at this grand-daddy event of them all, the Vic Skim World Championship. You can be assured that all the pros at Vic Skim are out – 15-time world champ Bill Bryan, crowd pleasers Morgan “Mo” Just and Brandon Rothe, additional Laguna-based favorites Paddy Mack and Teddy Vlasis, and a whole slew of others.

These Vic Skim pro skimboarders are joined by the best from the rest – longtime talents Paulo Prietto, Brad Domke, the Stinnett brothers Jake and Sam, James “The Milkman” Lovett, Brendan Stevens, Brandon Sears, “Geo” Bryan, Woody Harris, dreadlocked Austin Keen, Harley Nelson, Grady Archbold,  and one of my personal favorites to shoot, Tim Fulton.

Given that only a few sets of pros move forward to Sunday, you want to be sure to catch Saturday’s action to see what the best the world has to offer in pro skimboarding. In addition to the pro men, you’ll be seeing pro women compete and a large field of hungry amateurs looking for pro sponsorship.

See reams photos of past skimboard championships at www.skimphotos.com

I’ll see you on the beach!

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