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As you can see, the Tibetan Sand Mandala is progressing very quickly here in Laguna Beach’s Neighborhood Congregational Church. (It’s green! Wow!) The crowds are growing thicker, too, as news of the Tibetan monks’ sand painting creation is getting out!

I returned to the sanctuary Sunday afternoon after witnessing a full-to-the-brim Sunday morning service that continued to see the monks work and chant with the congregation. Given that the monks rarely create a Sand Mandala in an actual church sanctuary, it was quite the moving experience for the visiting monks and all those able to attend the service.

On Sunday afternoon, a larger crowd milled and shot photos, sometimes within inches of the monks’ work. These dear gentlemen continue their careful, detailed creation despite ongoing camera flashes, kids jumping up and down to see, and people leaning in over their backs to see what they’re working at. (The next time you want to complain about distractions at work, remember what these Tibetan Monks are dealing with!)

I’ve also loaded the photos of ongoing Sand Mandala progress in my photo gallery, www.JustAddWaterPhotography.com . ANY AND ALL proceeds from the photos sold in behalf of the Tibetan Sand Mandala will go directly to these monks. I’m not keeping a dime on my end, so please go to my gallery today and buy prints in any size – in so doing, you’ll support this phenomenal work and message for us all.

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