Given the fact that we have THIS kind of weather in Orange County and THIS kind of terrain (green hills, major trails, parks everywhere and, oh yeah, that  minor ocean nearby), how is it that we’re still spending so much time indoors?

If you’re looking to get OUT and explore more of Orange County (including Laguna Beach), I’ve got the perfect guide book just for you – Active in Orange County: A Guide to Physical Activity & Exercise in Nature. The authors are doing a book signing this Saturday, Nov. 13, at the Latitude 33 Bookshop in Laguna Beach at 4:00 p.m. (That give you just enough time to grab your new book, do some reading, and head out to brand new destinations Sunday morning.)

Compiled by two longtime friends, Dr. Nanda Fischer, a Newport Beach resident, and Jutta Gamboa, an Irvine resident, Active in Orange County simply won’t allow another couch potato excuse from you (or your parent or friend or spouse or teen). The book is a cornucopia of activities, maps, designated trails and beaches galore for hiking, biking, horseback riding, jogging, inline skating and everything water-based you can imagine.

Loaded with color photographs and directions everywhere, the chatty book also features cultural attractions and nearby casual dining and snack spots (because, really, after a hike at El Morro you’ve GOT to hit the Shake Shack, right?). It’s a fun and true insider’s scoop from two hip women who happen to love physical exercise and being outdoors in the great OC.

Where to find the book signing for Active in Orange County

Get on down to Latitude 33 in Laguna Beach this Saturday for your fresh-off-the-press copy (It starts at 4:00)! Latitude is just a block up from Main Beach at 311 Ocean Avenue. It’s two doors up from Beach Street, and kitty corner from Zinc’s Cafe.

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