Because Laguna Beach is a sophisticated party town, we have more than our share of tremendously talented bartenders. That being said … no one but no one tops “Dan the Man’s” martini-making abilities at one of Laguna Beach’s favorite restaurants, 230 Forest.

Dan Vincent has been at his craft for more than 30 years, but when it comes to his famous martnis, this isn’t just a craftsman you’re dealing with here – this is a genius. Yes, the ingredients going in the shaker all LOOK like the same sort of ingredients you’d see going in any bartender’s martini shaker, but what pours from Dan’s shaker is hardly run-of-the-mill or ordinary.

We don’t understand it.

We drink it anyway.

Dan was one of the first hires at 230 Forest when it opened its doors 14 years ago. Since then, the restaurant has earned worldwide acclaim and locals and tourists alike rave about the unique bistro fare it consistently serves up – without question, 230 Forest is one of the top 5 restaurants in Laguna Beach.

…But having Dan the Man overseeing your libations is a very big plus. He’s most well-known for his Lemondrop martini. It’s not on the menu, per se, but ask for it anyway (we locals do without hesitation).


Insider Tips:

Dan works a regular schedule, Tues thru Friday evenings and Saturday lunch. Wisely plan your outing around him.

How to Find “Dan the Martini Man” at 230 Forest:

From Laguna’s Main Beach (the first big beach at Broadway and PCH), Forest street is just one street to the south – it’s packed end-to-end with stores and restaurants. You’ll find 230 Forest on the north side, about 5 or so shops up from PCH – (230 is its address, imagine that!) Find – and feed – a parking meter anywhere in the vicinity.

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